Cast Iron Tub Refinishing

Cast iron tub refinishing is one of important parts in accomplishing your bathroom improvement project that should be done when you see that your porcelain has already been old, discolored or worn and refinishing will always be the best decision rather than should buy the new one for replacing this. However, it will be better to ask the professional for doing this task for you because tub refinishing is related much to the harmful chemicals. But actually if you want to save your money then the proper preparation should be done by you before you start doing this task.
First thing to do in cast iron tub refinishing is your tub should be prepared, and the drain hardware can be removed so that over the overflow hole and any other hardware on the tub can be covered by the metal, after that, all caulk ca be cut away from around the tub by the wall and floor. Here, the tub should be scrubbed well by using abrasive cleanser and it can be left to really be dry. The plastic tarping can be hung on the walls and floors around the tub by using the duct tape or other plastic tape then it can be sealed alongside the tub edge.

Well, the next thing that should be known by you in this cast iron tub refinishing tips is the acid-etch the surface, so your long-sleeve shirt, rubber gloves, goggles, and respirator can be put on, then the window and door can be opened and a fan can be placed in it. The hydrofluoric acid is including in the etching solution that should be applied by using a brush, and then the entire porcelain surface of the tub can be covered. The spatters and spills can be cautious even though the reaction of the acid does not come with the plastic that your walls and floor are covered by this; therefore, you should be extra careful.

Cast Iron Tub Refinishing Preparation

Then, the etching solution can be allowed to sit on the porcelain for fifteen minutes and after that the baking soda that has been prepared before can be sprinkled over the solution so the reaction can be stopped. After the reaction can successfully be stopped, the tub can be rinsed thoroughly and it can be left to dry well. After making sure that the tub you have rinsed are already dry, the surface can be started to be refinished and it is the last step in cast iron tub refinishing.

Cast Iron Tub Refinishing Process

Your respirator can be put back on and your paint sprayer can be filled with epoxy primer that can be used for the porcelain and that the primer is dark in color should also be made sure so the part that have not been sprayed can be known and seen on your white tub. After that, a very light coat can be sprayed and the sprayer can be kept to move so the drips are not created and the first coat can be left until it is dry for around half an hour before the second primer coat can be applied. Next, your topcoat of porcelain paint can be applied in the same manner and four to six coats can be used here.

Cast Iron Tub Refinishing Cost

The drain and fixtures can be reinstalled and the tub can also be used after the paint set for two days as the last rule in cast iron tub refinishing. Hopefully, the tips can lead you very well in doing this important task. Be successful in refinishing the tub then!