Bathtub Refinishing

Perhaps, you often have some worries and hassles when your old bathtub is already discolored and worn out and you think of ripping your bathtub so that you can replace it with the new one that will make a worse look to your bathroom’s walls, but do not have to rip your bathtub or even replace it because you will just waste your money. There is one way that can be done by you when you are really desperate to make your bathtub look new and fresher again, and the best way meant here is the bathtub refinishing. You can ask for the professional to do this job for you, but it means that you will still spend much money for hiring him, so you can do it yourself.

  • Everything from around the bathtub should be removed first, as well as the lever plate and the drain and all of the old caulking can be scraped from around the bathtub by using a razor, and the things like bathroom accessories, rugs and pictures can also be removed. If your bathtub is blocked by the toilet, so you should remove it because the bathtub refinishing cannot be done if it is blocked. The toilet can be covered with plastic if the location is not too near with the bathtub.
  • The mirrors, sink, and vanity in your bathroom can be covered up with painter’s plastic or large plastic garbage bags and the covering can be secured more tightly by using the masking tape. Moreover, the entire floor can be covered up with plastic and masking tape and that there is no bare space left should also be made sure before all wall area can be covered directly surrounding the bathtub with plastic.

    How to Do Bathtub Refinishing

  • When you do the bathtub refinishing, a sandpaper and a palm sander can be used so the bathtub can be sanded and the sandpaper that is around a 120 grit should be owned by your kit that you will. The sanding task can be done critically because there will be many old tubs with calcium buildup that can be more difficult when they are going to be eliminated. The tack cloths and a shop vac can be used so that the dust particles can be cleaned out.

    Bathtub Refinishing Tips

  • The “primer reducer” can be used for the next task so anything that may be left from the sanding and cleaning in the previous task can be cleaned more thoroughly easily. For the next step in the bathtub refinishing, the holes or pipes which you leave with plastic can be covered. Your ventilation can then be plugged in and a respirator and goggles can be put on there.

    Bathtub Refinishing Process

  • The primer base can be mixed and then applied by using HVLP sprayer or even quarter-inch nap roller brush and the outside and inside of the bathtub should be primed well and left to dry. If you prefer to use the sprayer one, it should be cleaned totally so the top coat can be prepared then. The safety gear can be replaced and the top coat can then be applied by using a sprayer and roller brush and you can leave it to dry for two overnights. The last thing in bathtub refinishing is that the plastic should be removed and the drain, shower head, and faucet can be replaced, as well as the tub area that should be re-caulked.