Bathroom Sink Drain Installation

If you have problem with your bathroom sink drain, whether it is broken, does not work, or you want to simply install the new one, you do not have to fret no more because today we are going to give you tips on how to install bathroom sink drain. In this post you will be given a tutorial of bathroom sink drain installation from top to bottom so you can easily follow the installation process and complete it without meeting any serious problems.

how to install a lavatory sink drain

First Step

The first step you need to do, of course, is to prepare the things that will be required in the installation process. First of all, you need to prepare the new bathroom sink drain first. Make sure that you purchase a durable one so it can last for a very long time. In addition, you need to also prepare a pliers or wrenches for tightening the sink drain later on. You will also need Teflon tape and plumber putty. Do not forget to also prepare your patience as well because it will take quite some time to finish the whole installation process.

Second Step

After collecting all the required things, the next step of bathroom sink drain installation process you need to do is to prepare the work room under the bathroom sink. Make sure you clear out the clutters and things under the sink so you can have enough space for installing the sink drain later on. Afterwards, you need to loosen the cap compression cap of the U shaped trap or pipe using the pliers or wrenches you have prepared previously so the sink drain can slide out. In order to get the drain out, you can loosen the sink’s nut that hold the sink drain in place so you can finally remove it without any harms.

Installing a new bathroom sink


Third Step

The next step you need to do after removing the old drain is to remove the excess of your bathroom sink. In this process, you can use the plumber putty you have got before then rolling it so it can be a long plumber putty that can wrap the drain perfectly. Afterwards, you can insert the drain so the plumber putty cal squeeze out the drain flanges and excess. Clean all of those so you can continue the installation process.


Fourth Step

The fourth step of installing bathroom sink drain you need to do is to secure the sink drain. You can install a nut and big gasket so the new bathroom sink drain can be securely installed. You can also use the pliers or wrenches to snug it up so you can be sure that the drain is perfectly tightened. However, you need to do it carefully so you will not use too much power and crack the sink instead.

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Last Step

The last step of bathroom sink drain installation you need to do is to give it a finishing touch. You can insert the lever and the control rod then attach them together to secure the bathroom sink drain. After making sure that the control rod and pop up lever are securely attach now you can clean off the plumber putty and check the drain whether or not it can function properly.

bathroom sink drain installation instructions