Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Some people may get excited when they talk about their plans to remodel their bathrooms because they will think of the design of the bathroom, the paint colors that will be painted to the walls, and also the new furniture and ornaments for making their bathrooms more enjoyable, beautiful and attractive. However, some other people do not think of those kinds of things, but they think of the budget that will be spent for remodeling their bathroom because it is the most important element that should be considered when you plan to do a bathroom improvement. Here are some information of bathroom remodeling cost based on the renovation that you want to do.

The first that will be discussed here is the bathroom remodeling cost based on standard remodel and an existing bathroom that the measurement is about five by seven feet can be modernized if you have already prepared the budget around $16,634 that will be spent for purchasing any materials and labor which is like stated by the “Remodeling” magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report 2010-11. A new tub/shower combination with ceramic tile on the surround as well as a new toilet will be included in the estimation. While a single sink, a solid-surface countertop, ceramic floor tiles, wallpaper, and medicine cabinet will be covered by the price.

The second thing that will be discussed here is the bathroom remodeling cost based on high-end remodel and the budget will be spent more if you desire to have a luxury renovation and it will be around $53,759 so that the upscale materials and labor can be covered. Of course, with the budget mentioned before, a tiled-in shower with a glass enclosure and a separate whirlpool tub can be afforded by you. Even the custom cabinetry with dual sinks and a natural stone countertop can also be chosen with the heated towel bars or even heated ceramic floors will also be able to be selected for your luxury bathroom.

Consider Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Well, in this session we are going to know more about regional adjustments of the bathroom remodeling cost which is stated that bathroom remodel or renovation will indeed cost more but the more money will also be recouped. If you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Seattle which are included in West Coast Cities, so for your standard bathroom renovation should be paid around $19,490 and this budget should be prepared by you. The cost around $14,536 should be paid by you if you live in New Orleans, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City which are included in the Southern cities.

Estimate Bathroom Remodeling Cost

The tiles will cost more, so it is better that only the tile that is used by you in the essential place, like around the bathtub or shower or even on the floor and the tile should not be used for decorative interest purpose that you want to apply on your walls. The toilet can also be kept in the same location so the expense of relocating the waste line can be saved. For your countertop, laminate can be chosen.

Bathroom Remodeling Cost Calculation

Your existing cabinets can be refaced and your tub can be re-glazed if the materials are found in still good conditions. Well, if you do not know how to remodel your bathroom, it is better for hiring professionals even though you will spend more money for this. In conclusion, the most important thing in remodeling your bathroom is preparing for bathroom remodeling cost.