Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

Some homeowners have regretted their decisions in selecting the floors for their bathrooms because the kinds of floors they chose are not suitable for the bathrooms and the wrong decision and selection can lead the homeowners into the problem, like slippery accident because the wet condition of the bathrooms. If you are one of these homeowners, it is your time for fixing your bathroom flooring by choosing the best bathroom floor tile ideas that will not make you regret or disappointed when you have used your bathroom. Well, there will be some best floor tile ideas that can be picked up by you.

The first one of best bathroom floor tile ideas is the porcelain and many homeowners assume that this one is similar to ceramic tiles for its advantages and disadvantages, so if you use the ceramic tiles for the previous flooring, you must have already known what kind of floor is the porcelain. The versatile design is offered by porcelain bathroom floor tiles and they also come in cold if they are touched and the grout lines are also owned by these floors. The durability of these floors is also undeniable anymore. The difference that can be realized between these floors with the ceramic tiles is that these will always be done with a dull finish.

The next one of the bathroom floor tile ideasis vinyl which is regarded as the least durable type of bathroom flooring because this kind of floor can easily be ripped and gouged underfoot and if you hope that this floor can be used for more than a decade or so, then it is quite possible. However, if you want to tighten your budget for your bathroom improvement, vinyl can be a good option because of its affordable price. Moreover, a wide range of designs are offered by this floor, but the cleaning will be made more difficult by its grout lines if you compare with other materials.

Various Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The other one of the bathroom floor tile ideas is the marble tiles which the strength cannot be denied anymore and the damage can only happen is the cosmetic damage, but the staining and discoloration will be caused by the cleaning agents or the excessive scratch of this porous marble floor. Perhaps, the bathroom traffic that you have known is not too stressful, but the scratching under heavy traffic is possible to happen if you use this kind of floor. If you try to find more expensive floor that will not be a big deal if the floor can be hit by the showers’ heat, so marble is the answer.

Best Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

There are still several popular floors for bathroom that can be chosen and considered by you, like granite which is almost similar to marble from the quality to the price, ceramic tiles which are almost similar to the porcelain, or laminate tiles that have great durability and can last for 20 to 30 years later if they are treated well. Choosing one of them is not as easy as you may think, right? Try to compare them thoroughly.

Simple Bathroom Floor Tile Ideas

The bathroom floor tile ideas mentioned before may help you in accomplishing your bathroom improvement project very well. You should be wiser and more thorough in selecting the floors so you and your family as the users can be safe and enjoyable to use your bathroom. Also, make sure that your budget is really enough to purchase the floors you feel good.