All You Need to Know About Gyprock Plasterboard

Gyprock is a type of ceiling and wall plasterboard made of gypsum core and the resilient paper facing. The mixture of those components makes gyprock a durable building material. Gyprock plasterboard usually used by equally jointed and painted, presenting a seamless look to the ceiling and wall. About 80% of Australian prefers gyprock for their ceiling and wall lining material.

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Even though claimed as a durable material, gyprock occasionally needs a repair or replacement once damage occurs. There’s a lot of DIY gyprock repair tutorial you can try if this happens to your house. However, consider calling the experts of gyprock ceiling repairs Perth to get the right repair.

Ensure you choose the right and high-quality construction materials, whether it’s the first or second time you build a house. Use gyprock ceilings Perth as your building material, a trusted brand used by Australian contractors and builders for years.

How Gyprock Made

Gyprock plasterboard usually made of gypsum, paper and also a small portion of additives. Gyprock contains a paper liner made of 100% recycled cartons and newspaper. Meanwhile, the additives made of foam, starch and other non-toxic materials. During the manufacturing process, the gyprock materials are mixed. A non-toxic sedimentary rock called gypsum mixed with a foaming agent to make a wet plaster mix. The plaster mixture then applied over a sheet of thick paper and the latter’s edges are wrapped all around the plaster. Place a sheet of lineboard paper on the top to make a plaster “sandwich”.

The plaster sandwich layers then placed in the oven to make it perfectly dry. Once it dry, the manufacturers will cut it into particular sizes, ship it to the building stores then it is ready to use. The plasterboard usually comes with two paper-wrapped long edges and two cut edges. Compared to the standard plasterboard, gyprock products offer a unique design to suit the builder’s specific needs. Such as the new optimised core technology, which allows gyprock to create a lighter board. It comes with a greater breaking strength compared to the conventional plasterboard in the market.

Gyprock Installation

For gyprock plasterboard installation, attach the plasterboard using gyprock acrylic adhesive and plasterboard nails to the timber or steel frames. If you want to create a seamless look, conceal the joints using tape and jointing compound system. For easier decorating and painting process, you can sand the plasterboard sheets to make it smooth.

Gyprock plasterboard is very flexible. You can even attach it to the brick or block masonry surfaces. You can use gyprock masonry adhesive to attach the plasterboard directly to the wall. For a better result, you can hire the professional of gyprock ceiling installation Perth.

Gyprock Maintenance

  1. Cleaning

If you found light marks on the plasterboard, you can remove it using a clean, soft and damp cloth. Dry it entirely once you have washed the marks. You can remove the stubborn marks using specific cleaners, such as sugar soap. However, be careful and don’t over scrub, press it too hard or apply a heavily wet cloth on the plasterboard.

  1. Smoke Damage

The contractors mostly recommend replacing the gyprock plasterboard with smoke or fire damage. It is because the fire heat usually affects the lining material performance.

  1. Mould

A house with high humidity and poor ventilation makes plasterboard vulnerable to the growth of mould and mildew. Instead of replacing the plasterboard, try to improve the ventilation in the room first. The improvement will reduce the likelihood of this issue. Then you can remove the mould and mildew once the ventilation has been improved.

Remove the mould safely by wearing appropriate protection. Open all windows and doors while you are removing the mould, it is essential to free the room from the spores and prevent it to find a new surface to grow on. If the gyprock plasterboard has heavily damaged, contact the professionals of gyprock ceiling repairs Perth to fix the issue fastly.


Either you have a new building project or a renovation on your house, make sure to use gyprock plasterboard. It is a durable building material which will benefit you more, compared to the conventional plasterboard. For a plasterboard repairment or replacement project, consider contacting the experts of gyprock ceiling repairs Perth to make sure you get the best result.