7 Post-Holiday Cleaning Checklist

January is here which means we had passed the joyful moments of the holiday season last month and that also means the post-holiday cleaning session is coming. Like it or not, you have to clean and store away all of the decorations and other stuff that made the whole house so festive to reclaim the space. Even though this could be a hard thing to do at the beginning of the new year but it’s not an impossible task as long as you are following our easy post-holiday cleaning checklist below.

1. Clean the fridge

The festive season is where cooking and baking becomes one of the highlights, which including storing every ingredient and leftover inside the fridge. Then, it’s a good thing to start with the fridge so that you can use the space for storing fresh ingredient for daily use. 

2. Clean the dishwasher

Still within the kitchen area, your dishwasher also one of the appliances that going a heavy workload during the festive season. Therefore, it’s time to give it some love by cleaning it properly and remove all of the leftovers which could be still stuck somewhere inside, this will secure its hygiene. 

3. Clean the kitchen appliances

It’s time to give some loves to the overall of the kitchen appliances starting from the stove, oven to the kitchen utensils which had been a great help during the food preparation.

4. Clean the bathrooms 

Even though during these times you might had fewer guests than last year but it’s still mandatory to clean the bathrooms especially the guest one. From the water basin to the toilet or even if your bathroom includes a shower room don’t miss any details on cleaning them.

5. Clean the floors and carpets

Now we are off to clean the appliances that often stepped by everyone, the floors and carpets. Even before the holiday season, chances that your floors and carpets receive a proper cleaning are slim, that’s why this is a perfect time to do it so that you can welcome the new year with a fresh look of the floors and carpets.

6. Recycle or reuse the Christmas tree

The big pine tree could be still standing in your living room which need to be removed one way or another so that you can recollect the space for something else to be put there. Depending on the type of tree that you are using, recycling or reusing could be implemented. If it’s an actual pine tree, you can check with your local recycling centre the decompose schedule so that you can deliver it there or if it’s made of plastic, it even easier to recycle or you can store it safely somewhere on your garage to be reused on the next festive season

7. Donate the old and unused stuff

Instead of throwing away all of the old and unused stuff which probably you have gained the new one as your Christmas gift; for example, a new pair of shoes; why not donate it to the local community centre, where it can be distributed to the needy. This also part of the reduce, reuse and recycle movement.


You can make the Post-Christmas cleaning routine to be a fun activity for the entire family if you do it properly following our mentioned tips above. Additionally, to make it easier, you can always hire a service of skip bins Perth to manage all of the waste accumulated from your cleaning session. Another benefit of using a skip bin is that you won’t worry about the waste treatment because the skip bin provider will collect it and sort it based on recyclable and non-recyclable waste categories then deliver it to the local recycling centre or the landfills. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.