5 Reasons Why You Need a New Garage Door Opener

A garage is a multipurpose space in the home. It can be the storage room, the daily home main entrance, a place for the vehicles or even a playground for the kids. It is no wonder that a garage door is more likely to damage in a short period. That is why we need a regular inspection for the garage door opener parts. The garage door opener is a simple mechanism that usually tends to last for a long time. However, it is a must for us to take care of it.

Don’t trade your time and comfort to deal with the broken garage door opener parts. When the garage door suddenly stops working, you can’t help but need to stop for a while to fix it. But even if the garage door is still working fine, there are always great reasons to replace it. Newer opener models can improve the safety, convenience, security as well as offer other additional features you can’t found in your current opener. These advantages may be enough for you to get a new one.

You have many more reasons to get a new one, read on below to know the details.

Noise-free Operation

If your garage door opener is so noisy whenever you operate it, it can be a perfect reason to get a new one. Don’t let the noise always disrupting your activity at home. A new opener will be a lot quieter.

Previously, the garage door opener operating mechanism using chain drive was popular. You can check yours by looking at the garage door opener parts. Close to the opener motor unit, you can see something nearly like a bicycle chain. If you see so, better to replace it with a belt-drive or screw-driver garage door opener. Both models are almost noise-free while operating.

Safety Reversing Mechanism

Safety reversing mechanism is not a new garage door openers feature. It has been a required feature since 1993, which is utilizing sensors put on both sides of the doorway. Whenever an object moves through the garage while the door operating, the door will immediately stop and lift up.

If the garage door opener at your house does not come with this feature or it does, but it no longer works, consider replacing the opener with a new one for better safety.

Slow Opener

Your garage door opener needs to maintain its performance to support the daily operation. If the opener has been operating for a decade or more, it surely will affect garage door performance. The garage door opener will constantly wear and tear and make the door works slowly.

When you notice the garage door work slowly and take a longer time to open and close, means you need to call the garage door spare parts Perth experts to replace it soon.

Need a Better Security

An old garage door opener usually controlled with remote that is using fixed code. This condition is very vulnerable to thieves, since they may track the code with a specific device which will allow them to enter the garage.

Meanwhile, the new garage door opener comes with a “rolling code” feature that will change the code whenever we use it. Thus, no one can duplicate the code again and enter the garage uninvited.

Wireless Features

If you dream of controlling your garage door from a remote location, you can actualize it soon. The newest garage door opener model comes with Wi-Fi and cell-phone connectivity. This feature will help you to control and operate the door remotely. You also will receive an alert when the door is open, regardless of where your location is.

You can install the app in your device to control and monitor the garage door. This garage door opener usually comes with various useful features, such as motion-sensor light control and time and temperature display.

How Long Does a Garage Door Opener Usually Last?

Averagely, a garage door opener can last for around 10 to 15 years. It is just estimation, so yours probably can last longer or shorter than this. However, regular maintenance may help increase the garage door openers lifespan. Lubricate the moving parts regularly to avoid it from wearing out.