5 Essential Renovation Checklists

Planning to have a major renovation of your house? Probably, the rooms are starting to look old and need a retouch to create a new atmosphere? Then, a checklist is what you currently need because you can’t just start the work without having a solid plan what you want to do or what you can do for the renovation right?! Therefore, our 5 essential renovation checklist here will guide you to the whole renovation process to ease your renovation work.

Things to consider for a house renovation

1. Choose a reputable contractor

Many contractors already have templates for any kind renovation works, they can provide you with a list what need to be prepared before starting the renovation project which including council permits. If you choose the reputable one, the preparation will be done in a jiffy because they are professional with years of experience in the field.

2. Organize the furniture carefully

Even though you have decided to hire a reputable contractor to do the renovation work at your house, doesn’t mean that you can just leave everything to them. There are certain things that you still need to organize yourself such as securing the furniture and other personal belonging. If the renovation is not on a wide scale such as room repaint, probably you just need to cover certain furniture with a tarp or old newspaper but if it’s a major renovation like house remodelling, you ought to start moving the furniture to another safe place such as the garage, the contractor can help you with the relocation too.

3. Hire a skip bin

Renovation, whether it’s big or small project eventually, will generate a large amount of rubbish/waste that need to be taken care of then removed. Therefore, hiring the skip bins Perth will help you a lot because by placing them in front of your house while it’s being renovated, all of the generated rubbish will be easy to organize inside the skips so that you won’t be overfilling your backyard or in front of your house with any renovation rubbish. Additionally, the waste generated from a house renovation sometimes contain rubbish that can be recycled, a reputable skip bin hire company will sort the waste based on this category; waste can and cannot be recycled; then deliver it to the local recycling centre or the landfill. By doing so, you are taking a positive movement of promoting sustainability.

4. Secure Kids & Pets in a safe distance

Kids tend to be curious with anything plus if you have a pet that makes it double trouble. This often-overlooked which sometimes can cause an accident for the kids, pets or even the workers, so you need to take extra care of where you are going to place the kids/pets while the house renovation in progress. Depends on the renovation situation which can take 1 day or a while; you need to make sure this with the contractor; our recommendation would be to create a safe play zone for your kids/pets in another room or you could ask the help of your families or friends to take care of them for a while. 

5. Supervise to a certain level

Yes, you are the client that eligible to give a direction to the crew directly on a specific requirement but please do it to a certain level because sometimes it can hinder their works which will slow down the renovation progress.


Renovating a house is a complicated and time-consuming project but if you do it wisely with the help of a reputable house contractor it can be done in a jiffy with your desired requirement. Thanks for reading and hopefully these tips can help on your house renovation, feel free to share the article.